For nearly a decade, Dr. Monda Waked has treated more than a 1000 patients. She stays current with training on the latest chiropractic techniques and is certified in a wide variety of treatment methods. Prior to her earning her doctor of chiropractic degree, Dr. Waked was an emergency technician caring for numerous traumas and acute injuries. After experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care for her own injuries, she changed her career path.


We would love to see our patients all year long, but that’s not our goal. Unlike some chiropractic offices that follow the 12-week+ plan, we aim for improvement within four to six visits for most acute pain diagnoses.  Some patients recover in just a couple visits. Our treatment plans are designed around your needs, not your insurance coverage.


ChiroLife practitioners empower patients to care for themselves and improve outside of our office. We carefully teach all patients how to stretch and the proper positions to maintain while working, sleeping and moving. We teach them how to listen to their bodies and distinguish pain from tightness or tiredness. How to know when to stop, stretch or rest. You will leave better able to care for yourself and lessen the need for return visits.  When needed, ChiroLife will advocate on your behalf to ensure that you have ergonomically correct working conditions.