Sunday, March 24, 2019

What We Do

Gentle & Effective techniques

Chirolife helps patients restore health through safe, gentle, natural and effective chiropractic care and physical therapy. We take the time to thoroughly evaluate your health concerns. All treatment plans are individualized, and it’s our goal that you feel better in as few visits as possible. 

Benefits of chiropractic care

Chiropractic treatments involve very little risk with considerable rewards.  The treatments are painless and often provide immediate relief.  Research has proven chiropractic care to be an effective and cost-effective means of treating pain without drugs or surgery. It is often used in conjunction with conventional medicine to enhance the healing process.  

Both doctors of chiropractic (DCs) and medical doctors (MDs) are required to spend around the same amount of time in accredited colleges or universities. Following the latest research, doctors of chiropractic differ in that they treat patients with non-invasive, drug-free methods. 

When it comes to pain, many rely on medication alone. However, drugs can only numb the pain. Chiropractic care removes the cause of the pain and cease it altogether so that drugs are no longer necessary. 

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What others say

ChiroLife is the one and only doctor's office I can say I enjoy coming to. Not only have they helped to heal me, the team is FABULOUS! They are like family.  I will continue to come to maintain my health with these wonderful ladies!  I couldn't imagine life without them!
- Lorrie M.,  Painesville