Sunday, March 24, 2019

Success Stories

How we've helped others

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Chiropractic care is regularly recommended for carpal tunnel syndrome. One patient came to ChiroLife complaining of numbness and tingling in her hands that traveled into her elbows.  She had developed carpal tunnel syndrome after years of repetitive movements with her job duties.  Dr. Waked recommended a chiropractic treatment plan that included extremity adjustment of wrists and elbows, along with stretches, ultrasound and electric muscle stimulation.  Within a four to five treatments, she reported decreased pain in both of her wrists. She was also able to work longer periods of time without having to take a break to rest her wrists.

Migraine headache

We often see patients who have been treating their migraine headaches with only medications for years. One recent patient came to us with migraine pain so unbearable she was unable to perform any of her regular daily activities including work. She would be incapacitated for hours at a time.  Dr. Waked recommended a chiropractic treatment plan that included cervical adjustments, massage therapy, and a stretching program along with ultrasound and electric muscle stimulation.  Within a few weeks she noticed that the intensity of the migraines had lessened and she was able to reduce some of her medications. 

Pinched nerve

One cause of a pinched nerve is a herniated disc. ChiroLife treats many such cases. After suffering a work injury, one patient came to our office after being diagnosed with L4-L5 disc herniation.  For months, the man had been treated with medications and physical therapy with no result or decrease in his symptoms.  

He came to ChiroLife extremely frustrated and was ready to call it a day and go for surgery to stop his pain. Surgery is not always the best option and should often be the last resort.  Dr. Waked gave him a treatment plan that included chiropractic lumbar adjustments, ice, electric muscle stimulation, flexion/distraction, manual traction and massage therapy.  Within one month, he was able to stop taking most of his medications. He returned to work and is now able to maintain his active lifestyle. 


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What others say

ChiroLife is the one and only doctor's office I can say I enjoy coming to. Not only have they helped to heal me, the team is FABULOUS! They are like family.  I will continue to come to maintain my health with these wonderful ladies!  I couldn't imagine life without them!
- Lorrie M.,  Painesville